Full Name
Farrah Vargas
Job Title
Senior Vice President
Allied Affiliated Funding
Speaker Bio
Farrah has been with Allied Affiliated Funding (Allied) for thirteen years and knows how to get you the financing you need for your business through Accounts Receivable Financing or Ledgered Asset Based Lending (A/R combined with PO Financing, Inventory, Equipment, etc.). Credit facilities range from $100,000 - $15,000,000 and are provided to a variety of industries including but not limited to staffing, manufacturing, service businesses, technology, and even oil & gas.

Previously, Farrah managed Allied’s underwriting department, serving as Senior Underwriter, and she also played an integral role in the legal department. What does this mean to you? It means she can quickly evaluate and creatively structure transactions at an early stage in the sales cycle and can also walk you through complex legal scenarios regarding collateral (an important piece of the financing discussion). No more surprises weeks later in the process once underwriting gets involved. She knows what the risks are and how to mitigate them right up-front.

Farrah currently serves as SVP, Business Development on Allied's executive team and has been a part of the Allied team for thirteen years. Farrah currently oversees Allied’s strategic bank referral partnerships while developing new business and leading Allied’s marketing and branding efforts.
Farrah Vargas