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The Importance of Cybersecurity in Middle Market Deals

Cybersecurity is a real and growing threat that impacts your transactions whether it is on the buy-side or sell-side. It doesn't take a technical background or IT experience to safely secure your businesses and protect your clients, it starts with awareness.

Join us as we learn from cybersecurity experts and AM&AA member advisors as they break down threats and risks when analyzing potential deals, performing due diligence, and integrating your target. Doing so will drastically increase your awareness and improve your effectiveness at keeping your business and clients safe from start to finish.


Originally broadcasted on November 29, 2022



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Allen Amun
Allen Amun
Co-Founding Member
Pivot Capital LLC
Philippe Flichy
Philippe Flichy
Jason Gayl
Jason Gayl
Managing Partner
Cyber Capital Partners
Jeffery Sauntry
Jeffery Sauntry
Risk Neutral


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