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January 2023

Looking Back & Projecting Forward in 2023

Join us to hear from a distinguished panel of default servicers, attorneys, and data analysts to prepare for the new year. Our panel will discuss 2023 and what we can expect by the way of volumes based on the latest data. Learn the latest facts and figures from both foreclosures, bankruptcies, and forbearance programs, combined with an analysis of unemployment, equity, and dispositions. Servicers and Law Firms will share how they are using the data to forecast staffing and operations, and how the data is shifting their focus for 2023. Key topics also include the impact of FHFA, HAF funds, and how projection models need to change based on the most current data.


Originally broadcasted on January 11, 2023



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Hilary Bonial
Hilary Bonial
Managing Director
Bonial & Associates, P.C.
Roy Diaz
Roy Diaz
Managing Shareholder
Diaz Anselmo & Associates, P.A.
Staci Henderson
Staci Henderson
Senior Vice President Operations
National Bankruptcy Services, LLC
Gregg Morin
Gregg Morin
VP Business Development & Revenue
Chris Santana
Chris Santana
SVP, Default Servicing
PennyMac Loan Services, LLC
Rick Sharga
Rick Sharga
EVP Market Intelligence


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