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March 2022

Maximizing Your Dealflow: Use information to your advantage in relationship-driven industries.


To explain the modern, technology-based way of processing and connecting an overwhelming number of data points to the advantage of dealmaking. We view the core workflows of relationship-driven dealmaking as:

  1. Building relationships
  2. Timing
  3. Proving value

Each workflow is critical to the final indicator of success – making a deal.
Building Relationships between two organizations depends on two factors:

  1. having a complete record of all communication between both organizations
  2. being able to use this information

CRM WITH automation tools (ie automatically creating new contacts from emails, adding in every email, phone call, meeting, etc to the CRM as logged events) is the first step in creating a complete record of interaction. Once a complete record exists, relationship intelligence works in the background to process this information and provide you with insights to meaningfully use the info (knowing the best points of introduction, their interaction history).
Timing is dependent on:

  1. having a complete data record and rules in place to act on fast-moving changes
  2. having automation to flag person/organization changes that indicate good timing

CRM WITH data enrichment gives you access to the most up-to-date contact and company information. With this up-to-date info (company headcounts over time, recent funding rounds, revenue over time, etc), you can set up rules to alert you when the timing and environment are perfect for a potential deal.
Proving Value relies on you having already mastered building relationships and timing. To build value:

  1. Show historical success
  2. Show buyer or seller lists that, using relationship intelligence, prove high relationship strength with influential buyers/sellers in the field

Finalizing the transaction at the desired price, with a desired partner, is the end goal for a buyer/seller. A CRM WITH buyer’s lists, relationship intelligence, and analytics will easily demonstrate your firm’s ability to work with the right people in the space and make the connections necessary to close a deal with a desirable outcome.


Originally broadcasted on March 22, 2022



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Paul Ross
Paul Ross
VP of Marketing

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