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AM&AA's monthly webinar series aims to broaden the horizons of the middle market community. It's the best source for complimentary insights and education about critical industry topics led by subject-matter experts and company sponsors.

June 2022

AM&AA Member Benefit Spotlight: Funding in the Middle Market of M&A


Provide the audience with an overview of the many different types of funding available, the different sources of funding, and how the stage of companies development, size, ownership and other factors can influence how to go about sourcing funding. Hear from experts who have both raised funding and provided funding, who will provide guidance and suggest tools and solutions to the often vexing dilemma faced by companies and their advisors.


Originally broadcasted on June 22, 2022



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Meredith L. Carter
Meredith L. Carter
President and CEO
Context Business Lending, LLC
Graeme Frazier
Graeme Frazier
President and Founder
Private Capital Research LLC/GF Data Resources, LLC
Terry M. Keating
Terry M. Keating
Access Capital

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