Subservicing 2023: Making the Switch in a Tightening Market
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Donny Atkins Chris Sabbe Seth Sprague

Hear first-hand from three industry experts about how subservicing is helping lenders & MSR owners hedge in a contracting origination market. It’s a 360-degree perspective on the subservicing industry:

  • One leading MSR shares best practices on selecting, onboarding, and growing with a new subservicer.
  • One industry expert discusses the significant shifts and growth in the servicing space and how it is helping lenders navigate through the down cycle.
  • One top subservicer talks about what to consider when evaluating new subservicing partners or even bringing in-house. What can you expect in terms of economics, onboarding, and timing?  Why now may be the best time to make the switch?

Attendees will include: originators, servicers, credit unions, community banks, and private investors—any executive or manager overseeing MSRs or servicing assets.

Who Should Attend: Decision-makers for those holding servicing rights, compliance executives, origination executives, risk managers, servicing oversight staff, CFOs, chief credit risk officers, servicing executives, and other mortgage professionals.

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